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The first cryptocurrency confused the plans of anxious people who panic sell everything as it goes. The correction is quite strong, but the price is still around OverBalance, which is the largest correction in the traffic so far.

Looking at the trading volume, you can see that there was a strong discharge twice. The first discharge was largely concentrated by investors, thanks to which the price quickly rebounded. The sale of 9.5 thousand BTC caused a difference in the price of 5 thousand dollars.

At the moment, 8.5 thousand BTC did not cause such a big change in the price, only 2.5 thousand dollars with a similar volume. This proves that before there were not so many people willing to buy as now. Previously, the market was a bit shallower, making it easier to sell large quantities to lower the price. This time, there were more investors willing to submit their bids, thanks to which the price did not drop as much as before. We can conclude that the price of the asset will soon increase.

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