We begin !

Let me start with the fact that I am from Poland. My Handel is much better than English 🙂 But if you are here it means that you are interested in the same topic. The theme of the market and earning in the market!

Nevertheless, let us know that we have contacted the APETO Foundation. From now on, the collected funds will be transferred to and for the Foundation.

At the outset, I will write that this is probably the only site you have come across on the Internet on this subject, and I will explain how to help without spending anything. You can do this by registering from our links, banners, redirects or by entering our Partner number or code with the broker you want to open an account with. With some brokers, we are able to negotiate additional discounts for registrants from our website, then your trading commissions are lower and the broker transfers a fraction of the commission to the Partner. An example link thanks to which your commission will be even 25% lower than the standard one;)

RoboForex – Professional Broker

In other parts of the site you will find broker descriptions and comparisons.

The general principle of websites on the Internet is based on this or a similar mechanism, with the difference that we do it to help the weaker ones, and most websites are for pure profit. How we help will be described soon in a separate section.

Additionally, you will see moving graphics above each entry. This is a link to publish0x.com where I also post the same analyzes as on the website. You can register on the site and give a tip every day that will cost you nothing. Just click, and the more of us, the more we will collect for those in need.

So helping is easy 🙂

The website was created partly because of a gap in time, and more because of a passion for financial markets, international markets and, in general, for earning money. We start with a small idea without much hope, because basically what happens can have a positive impact on others.

Our main goal when creating the website is to share the knowledge gained so far, share investment ideas, and help avoid basic mistakes that make 80% of investors lose on the markets.

Over time, more and more links and references will appear on the website, thanks to which the website will be able to reap small benefits without causing any burden on the other party. For the revenues generated by the portal, we will support charity institutions working for children and animals. We do not need to take advantage for ourselves, we earn money in the market, so let our work put into the service benefit others. From the beginning, we focus on honesty, not providing about various wonderful strategies and not making the transfer of knowledge and analysis dependent on registration under our links with brokers. Market practice shows that some of the traders who have their own groups make participation in “free training” conditional, with an emphasis on free, provided that you register with the broker from a link sent in an e-mail or provided otherwise. It is not free, it is conditional on the transfer of knowledge that such a person will benefit from your trade when you register via the link only so that you can participate in some online meetings, be in a group created for this purpose or get materials that are easily you will find on the web! And it would be fair to inform about it every time.

So by registering with companies and clicking directly on the link from our website, you support charity organizations and thus do something good for others for whom fate was not as kind as for the majority.

When at least a small group of people gathers, a survey will be made every few months in which we will choose together where we will transfer the funds, everyone will be able to check in a selected facility whether help has actually been given!

In addition, by using the services, you declare that you are over 18 years old, thus, being redirected from the biznes-broker.com website, you are fully aware of how financial markets work and what the leverage / leverage mechanism is.

The website may present multimedia and text materials, analyzes, subjective market assessments, investment strategies, names of brokers and companies dealing in trade and trade intermediaries, links and redirections to external companies related to capital markets or other. The materials contained do not constitute investment advice or suggestions to conclude a transaction.

CFDs and derivatives carry a risk of loss due to the use of the leverage mechanism. Trading such products is risky and can result in the loss of your invested capital even with minor price changes.