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Yesterday, almost every US dollar currency pair fell into a heavy thrust driven by macroeconomic data. Today the situation for this pair is even more serious because the market expects data only for Great Britain, which almost every time causes strong price fluctuations. At the moment, we have the first signal from the market that gives us a chance to go long. Unfortunately, there is still half an hour left before the opening of the European session, and at the opening of the main markets the signals are misleading. Nevertheless, in the pictures, I showed what I expect and where there is a chance to trade with a relatively low risk. However, today remember that the market does not behave as it does most of the time, and investors trying to predict the data may move the rate in any direction without logical justification.

edit. I made a mistake in interpreting the chart. Until the price breaks through the last high at 2 am, we still have a downward trend.

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