Why Choose Capital.com?

The broker offers one-click trading experience in over 3,000 world-famous markets.

0% commission and no hidden fees

Market leading spreads

Fast order fulfillment

High standards of privacy and security: Financial Conduct Authority and CySEC

Educational app, online courses and trading guides

Artificial Intelligence Meets Trade.

Take advantage of best-in-class artificial intelligence technology that analyzes your trading behavior to help you make more profitable trading decisions

Trading easier than ever.

Everything the broker does is designed with Traders in mind. The easy-to-use, award-winning platform was created to make trading smarter, simpler and more intuitive.

Industry-leading features on the platform.

Your next lucrative trading opportunity is just a click away. With access to over 70 technical indicators, thousands of charts, client sentiment, price alerts and 1: 200 leverage (for professionals), you can be a smarter investor than ever before.

Use your internal trader.

There is a successful trader in everyone including you. Enjoy access to five-star educational materials with Investmate – your personal trading mentor.

Educational goals

Why Study Finance? So many people, so many goals.

Newly arrived and returning traders have different starting points. Two beginners and two mature traders differ in the materials they need to learn. Therefore, Investmate offers a tailored approach to financial education, depending on the experience and needs of the student.

Rich content

Investmate is a comprehensive application for learning finance. Designed with a rich and free toolkit that includes a variety of study materials, over 30 courses include short lessons that only take 3 minutes to complete.

The best data protection measures.

Capital.com is fully compliant with PCI Data Security Standards, uses Transport Layer Security to encrypt your data, and trusts RBS and Raiffeisen – two of Europe’s largest money managers – to hold your funds in segregated customer accounts.

Fees and Commissions

Capital.com provides most brokerage services for free. It ensures the transparency of the fee policy. This means if he does have to charge you he will make sure these charges are clear in the beginning. The fees are mainly based on spread commissions which are competitive in the market.

Where does the broker earn money?

In return for offering the best trading conditions, Capital.com is remunerated for its services through a Buy / Sell spread. It’s simple: when you open a new position, you “pay” the spread – the difference between the bid and ask prices.

The spread is always included in the quoted price and is never an additional charge by you.

The spread price varies by instrument, so the best way to check the spread for a selected instrument is to check the live spread information available for each financial instrument on the website as well as on the mobile and web platform.

Broker Covers all deposit and withdrawal costs

Recognized as the best trading platform and the most innovative broker for a reason: The broker covers all fees related to deposits and withdrawals. Any fees you incur when transferring money to and from your Capital.com account are charged by your bank or payment provider.

The broker converts all foreign currencies not supported by the selected payment method, so you don’t have to do that.

Additional fees

Depending on your trading habits, the broker may charge the following fees (don’t worry, the broker is still cheap!):

Overnight holding fee

Capital.com charges a per night fee which is based only on the leverage provided, not the full value of your position. As the overnight fee varies by instrument, you can find the specific overnight fee for the selected instrument in the market information dashboard of Capital.com. Why pay more when the Broker can take care of your trades overnight for less?