Gas is an instrument that is extremely trendy. Inexperienced traders often make a bad assessment of this stock, which causes them to get into trouble with deposits, keeping a losing position, hoping to reverse the direction of an ongoing trend, or at least a correction so that they can closeContinue Reading

As previously posted, our expectations have come true. It is true that the tweet helped, which does not state that the United Kingdom is making a concession and introduces changes by withdrawing clauses to the British agreement on the internal market. However, also at the indicated level, there were enoughContinue Reading

An interesting situation begins on the Oil which is in the process of creating a second downward channel, this time local in the H1 interval. Exiting the canal may initiate a stronger move to either side. At the moment, we have an upward trend with local corrections, and the rangeContinue Reading

As you can see below, the British pound has rebounded from the resistance and is going downhill. We do not expect a repeat of yesterday due to the zone where there are probably many investors’ orders. Our assumptions are rather for a local correction and rebound to resistance, or maybeContinue Reading

Possible rebound on the British pound who just made a 1: 1 correction which is also called Over Balance.. The two rectangles marked show which correction has been subject to a downward move. It can also be filled with Fibo 50 by measuring from a well that has not obtainedContinue Reading

Monday mornings usually do not offer too great opportunities for “clean” entrances. Below are some images of what is. Designated levels, zones, ranges. EURUSD D1 GBPUSD GBPUSD update. The pound has a strong correction pressure. The image shows the support zone on fibo 50. DAX D1 XBRUSD XAUUSD The earlierContinue Reading