Crude Oil Welcome. Unfortunately, by developing the second project, I have less time to write analyzes. I quickly looked at the charts and you can see that the crude oil is getting ready for a rebound. This is evidenced by higher volumes at lows and lower turnover during declines. AnContinue Reading

Crude Oil In the blotted image below I have highlighted all the important information we currently have. As you know, I do not use the fibo indicator very often because the correction at the level of 50% can be determined with the naked eye. More important at these levels isContinue Reading

Natural GAS When we look at the chart, we see very large movements accompanied by volumes that have not been for many years. Currently, after reaching the support level shown in the chart, Natural Gas is in a possible rebound phase. The first signal of the current move indicating thatContinue Reading

NQ You can see where we are, so we have a good chance of rebounding. Yesterday’s strengthening of the dollar against many assets resulted in significant drops in indices and currencies. Currently, I am waiting for a signal from a low time interval to enter a long position. If theContinue Reading