Monday market review

Welcome to the next trading week. A quick look at the macroeconomic data, nothing concrete is visible, no data with a large impact on the market. Macro data only from Wednesday. So let’s check what is happening on the charts. EURUSD Last week I wrote about the currency pair havingContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to the new week. Time to take a look at the charts. Mondays like to surprise, but since the morning I do not enter into a transaction, but I observe the attitude of investors. Let’s start! Petroleum Petroleum still unchanged. It is still in consolidation and we are waitingContinue Reading

For several months it has been seen that commodities such as oil are moving for no specific reason supported by macroeconomic data. I will add more, the recent data does not affect the price at all, which is why many investors have made a bad investment decision several times. AtContinue Reading

Gas did what we had assumed over a week ago, but with a slight delay. I expected a faster and stronger reaction to the designated levels. At the moment, I hurried a little and designated a channel that does not exist yet. I expect such a movement as indicated inContinue Reading

The crude oil that has been literally pumped for so long is now in a correction or even reversal. Such a conclusion can be assumed assuming that subsequent price peaks and lows are at a lower and lower level. At the moment, a short position should be considered, but inContinue Reading

Gas as a long-term asset is not played at low time intervals. It can now be seen that the price is moving in a steeply sloping downtrend. I have marked the zone of resistance beyond the canal in the painting. If the price goes beyond the channel and breaks theContinue Reading

After very long gains in crude oil, investors finally saw a correction. The current decline is almost equal to the largest correction in an uptrend. In a characteristic style for a rebound from the formation, price reacted almost immediately. We could see in the first image that there was alsoContinue Reading

We are currently seeing the price of gas outside the designated channel. This is not a reason to worry because this value is characterized by breaking the formation and returning to it after a while. Currently, I would wait with long positions until the price returns to the designated channelContinue Reading

The gas price is moving as expected in the designated channel. The current price level is not resisting so we have a chance for further growth. However, if the price returned and made a downward correction, I marked the possible behavior of the price with blue alternatively. Next stop nearContinue Reading