Crude Oil Do you think that gas stations are expensive now? Get ready that it will be even more expensive. You wonder why the oil goes up all the time with virtually no stoppage? Such a question is asked by many investors who saw further increases even after the previousContinue Reading

Crude OIL The rebound from three weeks ago continues with slight adjustments. Currently, we see on the chart that the volume of trading is decreasing and the rate continues to go up, so before any correction, we will have a signal indicating increased trading. When the volume drops to veryContinue Reading

Crude Oil The situation on the chart is very interesting as both the technical analysis and the volume analysis indicate a possible rebound in the upcoming trading sessions. The first image shows a graph with trend lines. Currently, the price is close to the borderline, it is support and trendline.Continue Reading

Crude Oil Looking at the chart, you can see a rebound, but when you look at the volume in futures, you can see that the entire raise in the last few days has been on a declining turn. We are currently waiting for a signal from the sellers. If theContinue Reading

WTI, Brent, Crude Oil The current oil prices are already at such a high level that not everyone knows why they are constantly rising. I will quote yesterday’s statement by a Saudi minister. Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, said late Wednesday: “We also have a role inContinue Reading