WTI, Brent, Crude Oil The current oil prices are already at such a high level that not everyone knows why they are constantly rising. I will quote yesterday’s statement by a Saudi minister. Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, said late Wednesday: “We also have a role inContinue Reading

Crude Oil Petroleum is behaving similarly to previous situations, just look at our previous analyzes. We are currently in a situation where the trading volume is decreasing in proportion to the price increase. So we can expect a correction. The place marked with the line is lower than the supportContinue Reading

Brent, WTI Yesterday’s oil volume analysis suggested a scenario that came true. There was a drop in the price on the increased volume, which indicated the appearance of the other party to the transaction, in this case probably investors who bought all the contracts. Now we are waiting for exactlyContinue Reading

Brent, WTI Black gold, as some call crude oil, is clearly undergoing consolidation. The volume of trading on this stock attracted my attention. Falling turnover when moving in one direction indicates no willingness to buy or sell the asset. This can be easily observed on cryptocurrency exchanges (I recommend toContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to the next trading week. A quick look at the macroeconomic data, nothing concrete is visible, no data with a large impact on the market. Macro data only from Wednesday. So let’s check what is happening on the charts. EURUSD Last week I wrote about the currency pair havingContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to the new week. Time to take a look at the charts. Mondays like to surprise, but since the morning I do not enter into a transaction, but I observe the attitude of investors. Let’s start! Petroleum Petroleum still unchanged. It is still in consolidation and we are waitingContinue Reading

For several months it has been seen that commodities such as oil are moving for no specific reason supported by macroeconomic data. I will add more, the recent data does not affect the price at all, which is why many investors have made a bad investment decision several times. AtContinue Reading