NQ The long-awaited correction took place and probably surprised many investors. The price is currently at the support from the last strong level that has a chance of keeping the course and a rebound. Personally, I assume an upward correction at least to the indicated place, the range of whichContinue Reading

DAX40 Both the German DAX40 index and the American Nasdaq had positive signals for a rebound or a stronger upward correction. Yesterday’s statement and FOMC conference, however, verified the market signals and caused a continuation of earlier downward trends. I didn’t participate in it myself, because as a short-term investorContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to Monday’s review. How is the new year for you? Overall, I can say that I am pleasantly surprised with what is happening in the markets, because the movements are satisfactory and the signals are quite clear. Ok so here we go. GBPUSD The pound versus US dollar chartContinue Reading

DAX40 The graph is quite clear. At the low time interval, there is a clear upward trend, and on the described H1 chart, a possible continuation of this movement. I described the German index on Monday, and the level I wrote about was not broken, so this increase is justifiedContinue Reading