DAX30 Yesterday the German index did not move very well. I got tired of looking at a graph where nothing really happened. In the evening time the movement started but it was too late for me so I did not try to force the points. Today I expect a resistanceContinue Reading

DAX30 The German index in the last two days has swept away many small investors to the proverbial dust. There was no such strong trend for a long time, so those who tried to catch lows and highs (and there are plenty of them) lost their money invested. Now weContinue Reading

Monday market review

We are starting the last trading week this month. Today, virtually no serious macroeconomic data is foreseen. Australia has a holiday today. On Thursday, Japan will have a holiday so during the European session one can expect a slightly different volatility than usual. DAX30 We start with the German indexContinue Reading

DAX30 We can notice that the DAX, after quite sharp declines, stopped at the designated level yesterday. After the Asian session, not much has changed but we can notice the boxing formation. This configuration in the charts is hardly used, but it can surprise you. If the price does notContinue Reading

DAX30 Today, the German index is constantly lowering its price, and in a moment we will find ourselves at the level of the largest correction in the trend movement. I have marked the correction in the image, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this level. Of course, I doContinue Reading

Nasdaq (NQ) When I was talking about possible new peaks a week and a half ago, someone asked me the question “why do I think the value will continue to increase when you can see that it has slowed down”. It’s hard to respond to the statement when such aContinue Reading

DAX30 The German index decreases its volatility with each day, which may indicate an upcoming breakout. Currently, we have marked another channel which, as you can see, is already narrower. I don’t really expect us to stay in this range next week so now I will be looking to enterContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to the new week. Time to take a look at the charts. Mondays like to surprise, but since the morning I do not enter into a transaction, but I observe the attitude of investors. Let’s start! Petroleum Petroleum still unchanged. It is still in consolidation and we are waitingContinue Reading

The index has been moving very nicely in recent days. I play it in an extremely technical way, thanks to which the effectiveness is high. Currently, I can see the channel shown in the picture on the H1 time interval. I expect a breakthrough to the bottom, but due toContinue Reading