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Correction without volume

There is a slight correction in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin and most of the leading altcoins have experienced a decline in value – in many cases it is no more than 5% on a daily basis.

The most important information:

Bitcoin’s price has dropped below $ 18,000. Other cryptocurrencies also recorded losses – in many cases, however, they do not exceed 5% in the 24-hour range

As for the 7-day declines in value on the leading coins, among the projects from the first TOP 20 CoinMarketCap, Litecoin (-19.47%) was the lowest, followed by Cardano (-15.40%) and Chainlink (-15.10%)

The current situation on cryptocurrency charts

Cryptocurrency markets are flooded with red today. Bitcoin is below the $ 18,000 per coin line, losing 3.21% daily and 7.92% in the last 7 days. Altcoins followed suit, but they suffered stronger declines.

Of all the projects with the TOP 20 CMC, Litecoin turned out to be the most loss-making – in its case, the loss of value in the weekly range was over 19%, and in the 24-hour range, it was 6.45%.

Right behind it are two altcoins taking positions next to each other in the cryptocurrency ranking, they are Cardano and Chainlink. Both have lost about 15% in the last 7 days and 4-6% during the day.

Price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market

These types of movements are natural to this asset class. Some investors have been expecting a correction in Bitcoin for a long time. Typically, this cryptocurrency pulled the rest of the market with it. However, the current drops are not high, and they can also present an opportunity for other users to purchase a specific cryptocurrency at a lower price.

This year was definitely fruitful for the entire cryptocurrency asset market. In November, many of the leading coins gained the most value. Although Bitcoin is the closest to its current ATH, altcoins are not slowing down either!

source; Tokeneo

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