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The German index fell to the expected price yesterday just before the end of the US session. During the Asian session there was a retest I was waiting for which serves as a signal to enter (shown in the second M1 image). Unfortunately, we are not able to sit at the computer around the clock, so the plan for today needs to be changed a bit. Right now I can see the DAX going down.

My plan for today is to wait for the EU session, maybe even the London one, and see how the situation develops. In the case of re-testing the well, the entry will be planned again on the retest. Sometimes the price rate acts as traders pull back to clear hedging orders and bounce in the right direction. If the support breaks through, I will wait for the situation to develop. As a general rule, 30% of the OverBalance price may go beyond the formation. Further move is a negation of the formation.


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