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The German index initially did not set any direction after yesterday’s data. I don’t like to analyze markets after events that have had a big impact.

The volume during the FOMC was negligible, even smaller than during the trading session, as a large proportion of investors withdrew their offers from the market. There was a good signal to grab a few points during the night, but unfortunately does not trade while sleeping. We can see that the price has rebounded from the designated trend line and is currently at resistance. The rebound took place without a clear volume, but the Asian session, which usually has lower trading volumes, may also be the reason. We are waiting for the European session to come up with a plan to play this instrument. At the moment we have a continuation of a higher order trend and a local uptrend from a low time frame. Only in the event of a reaction to resistance and local lows breaking will I start looking for a short position.

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