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The first time interval we will deal with will be M5, after which you can see that the price may drop. The place I marked with a dotted line indicates the level at which I will enter the long position. Of course, I start the trading session in an hour, i.e. at 8 European time, so it may still change a bit during this time. If the price does not break the marked level, I will look for short positions after opening the session.

In the second image I have marked exactly what I am considering in the time interval H1. Until the price is above the trend line, for me there is an uptrend all the time, and I take this position into account. The border of the line coincides with the support and in the event of a correction, I will expect a rebound there. If the support turns out to be too weak, the second scenario is indicated below in the same way.

DAX30 M5
DAX30 H1

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