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USA and Canada

Today we have a day when unexpected price jumps by several dozen or even several hundred points must be included in the risk that we will bear when trading. The images below show what the market expects. From the morning of the European time data for Great Britain. Data used by the central bank to set an inflation target, the bigger the better for the currency. You can see the forecast is for an increase in percentage points.

Same situation with the Canadian dollar, but here you can see that lower value is expected, and this translates into the price of the stock that has been losing to the US dollar for almost a week. The first signal for USDCAD was positive, but as you can see the macroeconomic data are absolute.

The US Dollar has been played by me for some time to weaken against the GBP. Today I am also going to make such an attempt. However, if there is a strong breakout of the support in addition to the increased volume, I switch to the short position.

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