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Natural GAS

When we look at the chart, we see very large movements accompanied by volumes that have not been for many years. Currently, after reaching the support level shown in the chart, Natural Gas is in a possible rebound phase. The first signal of the current move indicating that it is a correction (a very large correction) is the trading volume which is decreasing with each trading session. The second factor for us will be the price behavior in the coming days. If we see an increasing volume while the price increases, it will be a confirmation of a rebound and a signal to hold the position. If the level is broken at high volume, it will mean that investors are breaking the price and there is a lot of pressure to break the bottom support.

The second thing, I personally think, that such a high price of gas caused great concern among many countries and citizens who pay huge sums for heating and the use of this fuel. The main supplier knows this and sees that with such high prices everyone starts looking for an alternative that Russia will be very unsuitable for. If Russia loses its main bargaining chip for Europe, it will be an irrelevant player on the stage on this side of the world. And such a situation will have an impact mainly on the image of Russia which is very weak anyway.

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