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Below, I have shown two images of gold and silver charts. You could say they are very similar. General signals also the same. In the circle above the dashed line I marked a point that personally confused me .. I know that the breaks in the levels are normal, but in this situation I got a strong brake before making transactions, because I was not sure of a further decline as it was 2 weeks ago.

Gold is currently in the support area, which is clearly visible in the D1 timeframe, but I would focus on the $ 50 position lower. So there is a chance that both stocks will continue to decline. When silver reaches decisive support, it may turn out that this time the seventh attempt to break the support will turn out to be the last and both values ​​will fall much lower than everyone thinks. In the event of a breakthrough in the support I am writing about, i.e. below USD 22 and USD 21 (in silver), I will start buying physical ores until a rebound. I assume the purchase of small amounts every 3 months on average.

In the case of the stock market, the position is always short in the game, at least until a clear signal of rebound. We are closely watching the support and waiting with long positions until the market shows that it is time. Remember, it is better to enter once late and have a more certain but smaller profit than to enter 5 times too fast and delude yourself that it is now.

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