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Gold on a low time frame on Friday gave a downward signal that was quite hedged. I can see the current situation on the chart as shown in the picture. If a buy signal appears near the designated level, we will try to use it. However, if investors continue to sell, we will probably wait for the situation to develop.

Crude Oil

We are still waiting for the realization of what he has been writing about for two weeks. Currently, the chart does not look as expected, because the longer a given pattern looks, the worse it is. Better is the greater volatility, and the intensity of the movements that give clear signals. However, if the assumed plan is implemented, we will have a chance for further growth. Currently, we are waiting for the indicated level, but the entry only after a rebound on the increased volume, so that there would be no surprise that the price will continue to fall.


Well, what about everyone’s favorite German index? There was a positive impulse, but unfortunately as you can see after reaching the peak of the rebound, the next attempts to grow were already blocked at lower and lower levels. In this way, lower highs have formed which cause a continuation of the downward trend. Currently, we are waiting for the breakout of the support from the beginning of the month and we are focused on the move I wrote about in November, i.e. the largest correction in the move from the last year and a half.

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