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Welcome to Monday’s first market overview. Looking at the charts, I do not see anything special, therefore the analysis will be short. There is no point in forcibly looking for something that is not there.


I updated the lines in the chart a little and thus created a new channel. The bottom line has been drawn over the last holes that harmonize perfectly with each other. Based on the bottom line, I have established an upper line with the same slope account, so we have the next benchmark if the price continues to go up. At the moment we are in a time of fairly broad consolidation probably due to a monetary policy which investors dislike. The constant pointless pumping of money to companies is coming to an end, so now it’s time to make profits and buy a new yacht by business owners whose money is flying from the sky from you.

Right now, if the price rebounds, the level I indicated earlier on the upper channel line, but if the price breaks the channel down, I don’t expect the orange line to be breached anyway. But the $ 15,000 level could already be quite realistically the scene of a strong response.


Regarding crypto assets, unfortunately, there is no positive signal to be seen. I’m waiting all the time with my shopping, but so far I can’t see the light in the tunnel. You can trade with small moves, but it’s more of a consolidation lottery than a specific action supported by a signal. Overall, he expects an increase until the middle of the year, but if it does, we have to wait, out of position for the moment.

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