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Have you noticed that the German index has grown? Everyone who trades has probably already received a notification from their broker which companies have joined the index. According to the previous Monday market review, we are in the place we expected. Currently, we have a chance of a rebound, but the intensity with which the price moves does not guarantee the exact definition of investors’ intentions. For this reason, when the session opens, the EU will try to join a move in line with the trend strategy, which says that lows and highs set the direction of the price movement. Currently, the chart shows a rebound, the price on new futures contracts has hit a psychological level of 15,300, lows and highs have been increasing, but at the time of writing the situation has already changed. So, having learned from the index moves earlier, I do not rule out breaking the hole in order to eliminate the long positions and only the actual rebound. Today, you definitely need to act dynamically, and in the event of a signal to change direction, you should wait for confirmation.

With a cross I marked the place of resistance that I will observe and on which there may be a downward consolidation before further move.


The situation turned out as we expected, but now the price has reached a strong support. The first signal of rebound appeared, unfortunately, very weak, so any entry should be a half position with an order hedging under the holes.


I would look for a possible reflection in the place where I showed it. Leaving the canal gives you the chance to make new heights.


Gold behaved quite standard, which may indicate a desire to rebound, which is already underway. Reach the level, reflection. Then the breakout of a hole on a large volume and only the actual move. Assuming that we are dealing with such a situation now, we can see that there is a chance for an upward correction. When the resistance breaks at 1770, we will be able to expect a further increase in the price of the asset.

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