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Crude Oil

Welcome. Unfortunately, by developing the second project, I have less time to write analyzes. I quickly looked at the charts and you can see that the crude oil is getting ready for a rebound. This is evidenced by higher volumes at lows and lower turnover during declines. An additional argument that speaks in favor of what you can see is the line shown in the photo. You can see the intersection of the trend line, and the rebound that occurs along with the increased volume.

Seeing the situation that has not changed for two months, we can predict that prices in the commodity markets will also not fall to the levels from before the pandemic, or even from a year ago. Unfortunately, by the time the US increases the supply of raw materials to the EU, long enough time will pass for inflation to stabilize prices, and we will be pleased with a 5% reduction in prices when everything rises 30% by then.

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