DAX30 Yesterday’s day on the instrument of the German companies was tiring. I have to admit that on many occasions that came up, I used only one, and all the rest were closed to zero, even though there was a small profit initially. Ultimately, yesterday is not a successful one,Continue Reading

DAX30 Yesterday the German stock index showed a beautiful trend. Getting to the bottom line of the canal was quite intense. However, what caught my attention was the lack of volume at the low price. The volume only appeared at the breakout, which was a positive factor, but not asContinue Reading

DAX30 It may seem like we have a good start to a decline in the German index, but it is worth looking from the perspective of the trend. On the painting I have marked the place of the support that has not been knocked out. Additionally, the price continues toContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to another Monday morning. As every week, I start with a general market overview. Remember that today is a holiday in the USA (Martin Luther King Day). Last week was very successful, 95% correct. Today we are starting with XBR Crude Oil. You can see that the December analysisContinue Reading