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Yesterday’s session almost drove me crazy … 🙂 Yes, with a slight smile, but the information about the situation in Ukraine and the impact of this information on the markets was annoying. Just like two years ago when Trump kept trying to manipulate the markets by posting posts that caused large price fluctuations. Unfortunately, in such a market it is not logical and technically possible to conclude transactions because one piece of information throws you from the market, so that you can return to normal operation within 5 minutes.

What is the situation on the British Pound chart? Not clearly. I drew the same box in the previous analysis and it is still respected. Unfortunately, at the moment of writing this text, no downward signal has appeared, so I’m waiting myself, but at the moment of breaking the local hole from the low m5 time interval, I will enter. If, on the other hand, local support does not break and the price rises above the designated box, I will probably continue my long position.

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