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The Canadian weakened significantly against the US Dollar, but unfortunately the investors did not manage to break the rate above the highest resistance I wrote about earlier. At yesterday’s session the rate corrected in terms of fawn growth, which does not indicate a willingness to continue the upward move. The assumptions can be seen more or less in the image on the chart. He expects the price to try to rebound in the support zone, but unfortunately the downtrend is still in the game. Personally, beyond the market on this pair at least until tomorrow.

The expected macroeconomic data for tomorrow is an additional argument. Assuming that Canada’s situation is good, the same level of data shows that the country is doing well and is maintaining the current standard of living. Since it is not worse, it is good 🙂 There are also many speeches with a large economic impact, which will probably translate into strong fluctuations of the currency pair, I recommend caution at this time.

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