Do you sometimes wonder how it is that traders on the currency, stock and cryptocurrency markets boast of great cars and a lot of cash? But at the same time, they care about the highest possible audience and participation of people in their projects? A beginning so that you, the reader, can reflect on it for yourself.

What’s the deal with the title and all this activity. So bearing in mind that for a very long time (sometimes in a greater, and sometimes in a lesser way) I have helped weaker people and animals in various ways, now I would like what I do to somehow contribute to something good.

I will ask you a question. When was the last time you helped a weaker, someone who had no influence on their fate? I am not writing about something like a gift of PLN 5 to a gentleman near a store that collects for a strong drink. I mean donating something to an orphanage, buying food and taking it to a shelter, or even any non-material help to a neighbor who lives nearby. If you think about it, there’s not much of it, is there? I’ve been doing it for so long that I don’t remember. Since I was a kid, I was brought up to help the weaker ones, and somehow it stayed. I’m not a saint .. But throw a stone if you are.

As a full-time trader, I found that I would post my analyzes online. Thanks to this, this website was created. If someone needs it, it’s great. All links you have on the site are on an affiliate basis. If the website brings any income, after collecting some reasonable amount, we will start the “commission from the trader” action.

If the website does not make money, my attitude will not change. I will continue to buy shelter food with my partner and provide the necessary supplies whenever possible (we recently brought sponge mats to insulate the shelters). We will continue to collect and deliver teddy bears and toys for orphanages. I still will not see a problem to bring groceries to a needy person or to cut firewood for the winter. Only when the idea with the website works out, our activities will be able to take place on a larger scale.

Nevertheless, let us know that we have contacted the APETO Foundation. From now on, the collected funds will be transferred to and for the Foundation.

Together we can do more!