Kriptomat Team – is a team of digital and technological enthusiasts from Slovenia, home of Bitstamp, Iconomi, NiceHash, Viberate and many other high quality digital currency projects. As one of the first cryptocurrency fans, they found a need for a service for “ordinary people” (such as friends or family members) that will allow a complete newbie to enter the world of cryptocurrencies in a simple and quick way.

They launched several successful digital projects including Spletnik, a digital marketing agency, and Platformax, a sales tool for internal-sales teams. This time, they dedicated themselves to creating a digital currency service that people will enjoy.

Low and transparent fees

Kriptomat charges a nominal fee for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. They always inform you about the fees before confirming each transaction.

Regulated and legal

Kriptomat is fully licensed to operate in Estonia and is subject to EU regulations. Out of concern for the safety of their users, they guarantee that their website operates in accordance with the law.

Add multiple bank accounts and use multiple credit cards

You can link multiple bank accounts to your account on the platform, or you can use many different personal credit cards to make instant purchases.

They support many popular digital currencies

They currently support many popular currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, with more being added to their platform every week.

Pay by credit card or EUR

Buy cryptocurrencies instantly with your personal credit card, or make a transfer from your bank account to buy larger amounts with EUR.

They speak your language

Their service is available in over 20 languages, so you can understand everything when you enter the world of digital currencies. When you need help, you can quickly contact them via chat or e-mail.

Buy and exchange cryptocurrencies the easy way

Buying cryptocurrencies and exchanging them has never been easier. Choose your favorite cryptocurrency and buy it right away, or exchange it back to EUR and withdraw the funds obtained in this way to your personal bank account.