XAUUSD Do you remember Monday’s market review? I wrote about gold and what I expect from this investment value. We are in the place where I assumed it would be scored, and I think we have a chance for a correction as I indicated in the image now (and theContinue Reading

German Index of the 30 Largest Companies Yesterday was a bit hard for me personally. Two days of consolidation and quite weak breakthrough. I was expecting a stronger movement, forgetting that it is summer vacation. Today the Asian session, for a change, lowered the price quite significantly, which is whyContinue Reading

USDCAD Following the FOMC, the US dollar / Canadian dollar currency pair declined significantly. There was a breakout from a channel that I expected to hold, but nothing is lost yet as breakouts are a normal thing. I have marked the place where a possible return to the growth channelContinue Reading

EURUSD In this financial instrument, the situation is almost similar to that of the British pound. We see the breakthrough of the last peaks that created resistance, but before the data, he does not make such decisions, knowing how such experiments ended. Now there is an open path to aContinue Reading

GBPUSD As we saw yesterday, the plan has not been fulfilled. My position I had had closed to zero before the local support broke, and I did not repeat after that because the market was not as clear as I had hoped. Initially, the FOMC introduced confusion, investors did notContinue Reading

BTC As I wrote yesterday, today we see confirmation on the chart. The trading volume increases with the price increase, so we can see that the interest of buyers is growing. You could say that the price should go on like this, but remember that there are corrections in theContinue Reading

British Pound Today I would not expect anything special from the market if not for the fact that the FOMC statement is ahead of us, which will certainly cause unnatural movement in the markets. Bearing in mind that the last local highs have not been broken, we remain in aContinue Reading

BTC What we have been waiting for a long time has happened, a price increase of quite significant scale. Significant because after such a long consolidation, the breakout from below is worth 30% of the initial price. Remember this entry: bitcoin-price-rebound-condition? Our condition was met because there were both signalsContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to Monday’s next financial markets review. The overall situation on the charts does not change much from last week. Remember that the last week of this month is starting, so I’m sure we’ll have some pretty cool earnings opportunities. EURUSD The economic situation in Europe is slightly improving. ForecastsContinue Reading