Crude Oil Welcome. Unfortunately, by developing the second project, I have less time to write analyzes. I quickly looked at the charts and you can see that the crude oil is getting ready for a rebound. This is evidenced by higher volumes at lows and lower turnover during declines. AnContinue Reading

USDJPY Here we have the master of price swapping and the continuing trend. Some time ago I wrote about a weak signal that turned out to be wrong, and today we are 500 pips away. The Japanese minister said today that the situation is starting to be worrying because theContinue Reading

NQ The long-awaited correction took place and probably surprised many investors. The price is currently at the support from the last strong level that has a chance of keeping the course and a rebound. Personally, I assume an upward correction at least to the indicated place, the range of whichContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to Monday’s first market overview this month. In fact, not much is happening in the markets from the perspective of long trades and clear signals. However, we have a lot of opportunities from the lower time frames, but we will deal with the high times in the long run.Continue Reading

USDCAD I have not looked at this pair for a long time because I focused on other values. Currently, it can be seen that the downward trend that has already started has a chance to last longer despite a slow downward trend with frequent corrections. If we look at theContinue Reading

USDJPY The previous analysis of the situation of the Japanese Yen directly indicated that the currency may continue to weaken. As you can see it did, the price rebounded from the 2015 resistance. Currently, we have a chance for a stronger downward correction, but there must be two factors togetherContinue Reading

Crude Oil In the blotted image below I have highlighted all the important information we currently have. As you know, I do not use the fibo indicator very often because the correction at the level of 50% can be determined with the naked eye. More important at these levels isContinue Reading