XAUUSD For the last month and a half, gold has been moving in a clear upward trend. Not many people were able to enter a position at the lower price level because after personal discussions with experienced traders, I learned that many of them were waiting for a much lowerContinue Reading

XAUUSD As you can see, our plan will not be implemented in the form we expected. I was expecting a higher intensity of the traffic that will not be stopped, but it is visible that before the end of the month, profit-making investors cut off every increase. At the momentContinue Reading

XAGUSD Silver slowed down a bit, defending the level it is on. We see the consolidation that we have marked in the rectangle. Normally, a price exit in one direction will give us a signal to the possible direction. Today we have to bear in mind that this is theContinue Reading

Monday market review

We are starting the last trading week this month. Today, virtually no serious macroeconomic data is foreseen. Australia has a holiday today. On Thursday, Japan will have a holiday so during the European session one can expect a slightly different volatility than usual. DAX30 We start with the German indexContinue Reading

XAGUSD Silver, in line with the movement of gold, remains in an uptrend. Currently, the price has stopped at the top line which is in line with the resistance shown in the image. With a cross I marked the place where further upward movement can be expected if the levelContinue Reading

Silver Ore, the value of which had significantly increased due to rumors about the pump, returned to normal trading mode. We can see that a local growth channel has now been created, the bottom line of which is at the support of the April 8 peak. The level is soContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to the next trading week. A quick look at the macroeconomic data, nothing concrete is visible, no data with a large impact on the market. Macro data only from Wednesday. So let’s check what is happening on the charts. EURUSD Last week I wrote about the currency pair havingContinue Reading

XAUUSD Gold began to move quite intensively after the long consolidation. The current price is at the resistance level from the aforementioned consolidation. In the picture I showed the marked line on which we have an open road to further increases. In case the level is marked with a cross,Continue Reading

The gold bullion that is eagerly played by investors has returned to the zone in which it had been consolidating for a long time. In the picture I have marked what to expect after leaving the designated zone. Until then, it is possible to deepen the correction by larger playersContinue Reading