XAUUSD It was hard for me today to find the right words for the title because I expect a correction to the place marked in the picture. At the same time, being aware that today’s macro data may shake the market in every direction. The level marked in the pictureContinue Reading

Monday market review

Hello again. Another week ahead. What is expected this week? Follow the trend calmly. Volatility starts to decline before the period we’re in. We will still see strong movements, but not those we are used to. USDCAD The macroeconomic situation does not indicate a strengthening of the US dollar. TheContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to the first week of the new month. The Asian session did not set the direction and does not give any signals, so we are waiting for Europe and the first trading hours. EURUSD The European currency pair with the US dollar remains in a downward trend. The breakoutContinue Reading

XAGUSD Silver ore, after quite strong drops, has a chance to further deepen the price. The image shows the possible downward range. Unfortunately, knowing that silver moves very similarly to gold, such a scenario may not be feasible as gold does not indicate such strong price drops in the nearContinue Reading

XAUUSD Today is Friday, and there are no important data on the horizon that would have a big impact on the market. You can see a significant stop, so the most sensible solution is to catch smaller movements. On the gold chart, we have a zone in which the priceContinue Reading

XAUUSD After a fairly strong downward correction, the first rebound is visible. The same is true for silver, which should come as no surprise. Unfortunately, I did not give the place of entry yesterday because it is difficult to operate several platforms at the same time and trade at theContinue Reading

XAUUSD Gold rebounded as expected, but we cannot be sure about its further upward move. In the current situation, where we expect important data from the US today, we can expect bigger moves in the US dollar. In the picture I have marked the level with a line which shouldContinue Reading