XAUUSD As you can see in the picture, I have marked the places where we will have confirmation of the upward movement. Now the first signal has come, a rebound with great intensity and an immediate rebound. Long positions are reasonable. The extent of the movement is due to theContinue Reading

Monday market review

DAX40 Have you noticed that the German index has grown? Everyone who trades has probably already received a notification from their broker which companies have joined the index. According to the previous Monday market review, we are in the place we expected. Currently, we have a chance of a rebound,Continue Reading

XAGUSD Despite numerous corrections and notifications from broker analysts, silver remains in its main downtrend. The recent upward shift in direction was not easy to interpret. Now it is a bit easier, you can see lower and lower lows and highs so that the trend line is smooth. And soContinue Reading

XAUUSD Gold has been consolidating in a rather narrow range, waiting for a signal that will push the price in one direction. This financial instrument has changed over the last year as the signals look a bit different from last year. Of course, as shown in the picture below, IContinue Reading

XAUUSD Do you remember Monday’s market review? I wrote about gold and what I expect from this investment value. We are in the place where I assumed it would be scored, and I think we have a chance for a correction as I indicated in the image now (and theContinue Reading