GBPUSD The currency pair is moving as expected so far. In principle, you can invest in this pair without much worries due to the technical movement involved. At the moment, we see a new growth channel whose border is in line with the previous channel lasting a full 5 months.Continue Reading

USDCHF Yesterday I did not look at this couple but today I noticed something interesting and I feel a pity that I did not observe them closely before. From the H4 time interval we see the approach to the support, and from the H1 interval, we see the oRGR formationContinue Reading

NZDCAD We can see that the currency pair has entered a consolidation. I was expecting a rebound, but the trader has to adapt to the market, so after looking at the chart, I wait for a minimum to break the pattern marked in the image. After the price goes upContinue Reading

USDCAD The currency pair is in a phase that I have been waiting for for a long time. The first step is to reach designated support across a broad range of several years back. The second argument is the boundary of the wedge trendline from the D1 time interval thatContinue Reading

NZDCAD The currency pair continues its downward trend and we have no basis to enter long in the medium term. The turning point on the graph may be the place marked with a cross. Breaking the resistance will give us a signal to go long. At the moment, we areContinue Reading

DAX30 For some time, the German Dax30 index fell into a consolidation that repeated regularly. Low volatility and small ranges of movements severely limited trading opportunities. Currently, it can be seen that the situation is improving and we can expect a pleasant surprise, considering the fact that the new monthContinue Reading

GBPUSD The currency pair is approaching a relatively important support level. After a strong decline, there was an equally strong rebound that lasted the entire day yesterday. The price stopped at resistance and now everyone can see what our situation is. I assume reaching the support level and a rebound,Continue Reading

GBPUSD The British Pound is currently in a consolidation phase, forming a triangle from which we will probably exit today. Yesterday I was very prepared to continue the upward move, but the positions were closed to zero due to the fact that nothing concrete happened. Today I am counting onContinue Reading

USDJPY Japan has a holiday today, Shōwa Day. In fact, it is the birthday of the reigning emperor from 1926 to 1989, but as you can see, he deserved the Japanese memory. It does not change the situation on the chart. Expected data for the US dollar may cause aContinue Reading