NZDJPY After the formation of the flag and the breakout, you can see that investors are strongly pulling the rate up. In a large time range, the possible range shown in the image. A long period of time may be the end of this year, or the first half ofContinue Reading

GBPUSD Currently, the currency pair is on the trend line where there is quite a strong resistance at the same time. Thanks to this, it has two factors that can confirm a possible direction in line with the downward move, which has been going on for almost 4 months. Remember,Continue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome. We are half a month old and this week seems to be calmer. The data expected by analysts do not differ much from the previous readings, only England on Friday is to have higher retail sales, which is good for the currency. EURUSD On the chart of the mostContinue Reading

GBPUSD Bearing in mind the movement in the newly created channel, we can see that the currency is moving in a new short-term trend. Only breaking the upper limit of the channel will allow the trend to continue for a longer time. Tomorrow’s macroeconomic data for the USD are alsoContinue Reading

USDCAD The currency pair is in the position I indicated about two weeks ago. It will depend on the upcoming sessions whether the US dollar will be stronger than the Canadian dollar. The macroeconomic data for this week are mixed, only expecting slightly fewer unemployment claims, which may have aContinue Reading

EURUSD The currency pair has been in such a strong trend for a month now that it seems unstoppable. When we look at the daily time frame chart, we can see that we are close to support from March 2020. This level is very obvious and due to the firstContinue Reading

EURUSD The title is quite telling, but I will describe the problem quickly. I do not like to trade when there is no specific signal for a possible trend reversal. This is the case here because yesterday we had a steady downward move so our benchmark today is only theContinue Reading

EURUSD The last analysis has not been completed and we are still in the downward trend. oRGR should be played only when the price breaks through the resistance, because only then we have formed a pattern. The present example is a perfect illustration of a situation where too much hasteContinue Reading