We have been associated with cryptocurrencies for years, so if someone has the will to do something good, they can make a donation in the form of cryptocurrencies that will be used for charity. Together We will decide to which institution the profits generated by the website will be transferred. When the group of users using the website gets involved and our reach will increase, we will be able to start transferring funds.

Let’s assume that from the first thousand, we will start making surveys in which you, as creating the entire ecosystem, will choose the institution or unit to which we will provide assistance, whether in material or cash form.

Everything will be documented in a separate section, along with possible documents for download, and maybe even something more, so that everyone can check whether the help is actually provided.

If you want to deposit in another crypto whose wallet is not provided, please contact us, we will act. If you want to contact us or have any questions, please click here

Crypto addresses;

BitCoin BTC; 1Dcde7iDoWGoPnUNXRS6rN5qXiMWD6WxMQ


Dash; XtbZTJrF6WeCyeH1nS7GJkZiHHPVzrcQ8x

Zcash; t1hBGykyPshUeNbAdBwGvThZCZj43sM8awo

Lisk LSK;

Bitcoin Gold BTG; GfG8EERmd1JChkthY77oQkAafdihq7q6f3

TRX TRX; TLR1uawY484g9cesVecy8RVeKjyCEsAkp2

Bitcoin SV BSV; 1DJqkGoYqa5mjYTJH9VHG8rR16h4KBPcLR

It is important that you contact us after the payment, it is worth exchanging a few messages