The entry will be short because the answer is simple. Everything we do, we start with getting to know the issue and learning what we are going to do. In this case, you should spend time learning how to read the chart, learning about the patterns that occur, and repeating patterns on the market, both in the short term and in the long term.

The second factor that we will not miss is experience, which we gain directly on the market by sitting at the charts and observing the emerging triangles, bouncing from supports and resistance, breaking the trend line or creating channels, boxes and other formations. With time, we will see that what we see has already been, and thus we will notice that the market is repeatable, thanks to which the use of technical analysis makes sense. It has long been noticed that many movements in the market are not supported by fundamental analysis, and you can still read more than once that Bank analysts complain that the bubble does not make sense, that the fundamentals do not indicate such movements … etc .. without contradicting the legitimacy of the same. analysis, but not relying solely on it.

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Enjoy reading! let the pips be with you ?