according to the award “Forex Broker of the Year 2018 in Eastern Europe” according to Le Fonti Awards

Universal trading instruments for managing your money in the Forex market



The company gives each client the opportunity to get a lot of bonuses for trading on the currency market

Absolutely unique services you haven’t seen before.

Forex portal for partners?

The international portal is dedicated to trading on the financial market and provides all the necessary services and services for a modern trader. will allow the users of your resources to monitor market trends, monitor their accounts, analyze market statistics and provide access to a whole range of information: from quotes and global interest rates to full-format TV on the Forex market

Or maybe the Miss Insta Asia beauty contest?

Miss Insta Asia is one of the most popular online beauty contests in which the most beautiful women from around the world participate: from Malaysia to the United Kingdom. The Miss InstaForex Asia title and a solid prize are awarded by users by voting for their favorites on the competition website.

Forum created for Forex MT5 traders

The forum of the universal portal for MT5 traders is a unique platform that enables communication between traders from all over the world. At the MT5 Forum, you can always find useful and relevant Forex participant feedback, tips and stories, and most importantly, important information from experienced members of the community. Thanks to MT5 Forum you will always know the latest trends and forecasts in the Forex market.

PAMM system

The broker offers the possibility of investing in the PAMM system. A PAMM account, or Percent Allocation Management Module, is a function of managing an investment account by a designated third party offered by some Forex brokers. Having a Forex PAMM account gives the account owner the opportunity to delegate responsibility for managing his account to another trader based on a limited power of attorney to trade. This functionality also allows you to simultaneously manage an unlimited number of investment accounts using one trading platform. Based on its size, each account from among the accounts maintained by one trader receives an allocation factor, i.e. a percentage share in the PAMM account’s results.


InstaForex rewards wall

InstaForex is one of the world’s leading brands in the Forex market. The companies behind the InstaForex brand occupy high competitive positions in all key market segments. The group has received many prestigious awards from business magazines and specialized exhibition projects for impeccable quality, safety, innovative approach and a wide range of services and offers.

Best Forex Broker in Central and Eastern Europe 2020 according to International Business Magazine

InstaForex received one more prestigious award. This time, InstaForex was named the Best Forex Broker in Central and Eastern Europe 2020 by International Business Magazine. This is the third award the company has received from IBM.

International Business Magazine is a business magazine that selects the best business partners each year based on their performance in Eastern Europe.

The most active broker in Asia 2020 according to AtoZ Markets

The company received an award from the AtoZ Markets Forex Awards in the “Most Active Broker in Asia” category. The winner in this category was the AtoZ Markets community. Voting lasted from January 20 to February 20, 2020. Candidates were nominated according to assessments based on criteria such as trader survey, interviews with brokers, information provided on websites.

The goal of this campaign is to help traders and investors choose a reliable Forex broker. The first AtoZ Markets review catalog was released in 2015.

InstaForex received the award at a time when competition in the Forex industry is at a record high.

Best Affiliate Program 2020 according to Global Brands Magazine

The company receives awards not only for the past year, but also for current achievements. UK Global Brands Magazine has published its own version of the global ranking, which ranked the affiliate program as the best in 2020.

The victory in the “Best Affiliate Program” category is due not only to the broker, but also to clients and partners whose opinions and positive evaluations have become the key to success, sums up the broker.

This is not the first time a broker has received an award from the popular Global Brands Magazine. In 2015, the company won in the “Most Innovative Forex Brand in Asia” category.