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Resumption of USOIL and UKOIL
We are pleased to announce that the USOIL and UKOIL symbols will resume full trading on Monday, December 14, allowing for both normal opening and closing of positions. Please note that the margin requirement remains at 2%.

AXI removes products with markings; USCRUDE and UKCRUDE
As the USCRUDE and UKCRUDE symbols have the same prices as the USOIL and UKOIL symbols, AXI decided to remove USCRUDE and UKCRUDE from MT4’s offer. This change will take effect on Saturday, December 12, when the affected symbols are set to Closed Only.

Migration of USCRUDE and UKCRUDE items
As the prices of CRUDE symbols are identical to the current OIL symbols, any remaining open positions from USCRUDE to USOIL and UKCRUDE to UKOIL symbols will be automatically migrated. It will take place on Saturday, December 19.

As the prices of these symbols are exactly aligned, this migration will not bring you any profit or loss.

Of course, you can close USCRUDE and UKCRUDE positions at any time before December 19, or convert CRUDE symbols to USOIL and UKOIL symbols.

The broker apologizes for any inconvenience these decisions may cause.

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