BTC What we have been waiting for a long time has happened, a price increase of quite significant scale. Significant because after such a long consolidation, the breakout from below is worth 30% of the initial price. Remember this entry: bitcoin-price-rebound-condition? Our condition was met because there were both signalsContinue Reading

Monday market review

Welcome to Monday’s next financial markets review. The overall situation on the charts does not change much from last week. Remember that the last week of this month is starting, so I’m sure we’ll have some pretty cool earnings opportunities. EURUSD The economic situation in Europe is slightly improving. ForecastsContinue Reading

EURUSD Yesterday we saw that the released data introduced a lot of uncertainty on this currency pair. Investors completely did not know how to interpret them and after the initial breakout, the price returned to its main trend. Today there is also a lot of macro data that will haveContinue Reading

BTC Elon Musk’s comments that Tesla might soon start accepting bitcoin again soon saw the cryptocurrency soar above $ 32,000. It comes after Musk said in May that an electric car maker would stop accepting bitcoins when purchasing cars for environmental reasons. Tesla investors and environmentalists have critically assessed theContinue Reading

Monday market review

Hello next week. Looking at the charts today, I don’t know what to analyze because basically nothing has changed since last week. The macro data this week are also not very influential after Friday which will be important. We begin. DAX30 In line with last week, the German Index hasContinue Reading

German Index Personally, I expect and will continue to hunt for Dax to descend to the level marked in the picture. The place where I am going to watch the price in particular is the 15500 level because it is a reduced OverBalance. If we look closely, the current trendContinue Reading

XAUUSD It was hard for me today to find the right words for the title because I expect a correction to the place marked in the picture. At the same time, being aware that today’s macro data may shake the market in every direction. The level marked in the pictureContinue Reading

USDJPY We can safely say that the currency pair is moving in line with our expectations. In the previous post, I showed what we are counting on and where we should start thinking about short positions because there is a chance to change the trend. At present, we remain assumingContinue Reading