BitCoin I’m glad the latest contingency plan didn’t go through as I didn’t want to sell my crypto right now. Long waiting times and slow initial growth created uncertainty. Now on the chart we can see exactly what we have been waiting for, so I am even more interested inContinue Reading

BTC As you can see from the chart, the BTC price is behaving very similarly to EURUSD last week. The current price increase in the ongoing downtrend is weak, without a large volume. However, as I mentioned earlier, the signal to the price increase appeared as planned and we keepContinue Reading

BTC The chart shows the first reaction to the level I wrote about in the first half of this month. Unfortunately, the demand for volume is not visible on the chart, which is not optimistic. Our expectations are for the current resistance level to break as the volume rises, whichContinue Reading

BTC Check out yesterday’s post where I wrote about the volume and the script for the next few days. The first point has been met, now we are waiting for the second signal confirming our analysis and direction. In the picture I showed how the price should be in harmonyContinue Reading