BTC What we have been waiting for a long time has happened, a price increase of quite significant scale. Significant because after such a long consolidation, the breakout from below is worth 30% of the initial price. Remember this entry: bitcoin-price-rebound-condition? Our condition was met because there were both signalsContinue Reading

BTC Elon Musk’s comments that Tesla might soon start accepting bitcoin again soon saw the cryptocurrency soar above $ 32,000. It comes after Musk said in May that an electric car maker would stop accepting bitcoins when purchasing cars for environmental reasons. Tesla investors and environmentalists have critically assessed theContinue Reading

BTC The world’s largest cryptocurrency yesterday again caused panic among investors, mainly retail, who, fearing a large decline, sold everything they had, even at a loss. In the picture I marked the places that I compared to show what I am writing about all the time and what to payContinue Reading

BitCoin If you observe and analyze financial instruments, you know that weekends can surprise you and on Mondays we are surprised that there are so-called price gaps, or there were big moves. In the situation of cryptocurrencies, there is a factor that in regulated financial instruments belongs to institutions andContinue Reading

BTCUSD Do you remember what I wrote about in the Monday market review? There was a hint of what we expect the price to start rising, and now you can see that the plan has come true perfectly, so whoever follows the entries could make the right decision. The tickingContinue Reading