BTC The first cryptocurrency confused the plans of anxious people who panic sell everything as it goes. The correction is quite strong, but the price is still around OverBalance, which is the largest correction in the traffic so far. Looking at the trading volume, you can see that there wasContinue Reading

BTC The chart shows a wide growth channel in which the stock moves. So far, the trend has not been negated, making local adjustments. We can see the main channel and the smaller one marked which may be the guide to the next stop level. However, quite long collected ordersContinue Reading

And everyone was surprised how investors began to take profits. I started sharply, but it probably was, now I can see that the attitude is very strong. Online forums don’t sound the same as they always do, which is panic. I can see a rather strong confirmation that BitCoin willContinue Reading

BitCoin can be accessed at any time and you can earn money. The only condition is not to open too large a position (in a leveraged market) and not to invest all of your capital in the “physical” market. There is now further growth on the horizon. This is indicatedContinue Reading