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There are no people, there are BTC

Can you imagine a city that no road leads to? A place where you can get by boat or fly by plane. This place is Norilsk city. A city cut off from the rest of the world, a city where its inhabitants feel as if they live on a different continent. However, it is the Asian part of Russia with extreme conditions and low temperatures. Such difficult conditions turned out to be an asset and a good location for the mining company.

Bitcoin mine beyond the Arctic Circle

Low temperatures are desired by cryptocurrency mining companies. As an example, we can use BitCluster Nord, which decided to open its branch in the Siberian city of Norilsk.

The data center was created after analyzing the needs. One press release explained that the harsh climate could extend the life of Bitcoin mining equipment. As I know, winters are long and frosty in this location, and there is no heat in summer, thanks to which the additional cost of cooling cryptocurrency excavators is limited.

In order to protect the object from excessive cooling and blizzards, it is equipped with a special roof, where warm air from the operation of mining equipment is introduced. On the website you can read that a temporary solution has been introduced so that blizzards do not damage the equipment. At the same time, halls prepared from scratch for the installation of cryptocurrency excavators are already under construction.

BitCluster also chose Norilsk because of cheap electricity. The company emphasizes that prices in this region are the lowest compared to other areas of Russia. The company praised the already signed contract with the energy company Norilsk-Taimyr.

There is no price difference during peak hours, which allows the equipment to run smoothly and efficiently. This is an extremely important factor, because the more often devices are turned off, the faster they break, and as a result, financial losses occur …

– emphasized the representative of the BitCluster company.

The above-mentioned factors are conducive to conducting mining activities.

Big BTC sign as a symbol of the company.

A few weeks ago, a huge Bitcoin sculpture made of tons of scrap metal found around the facility was also installed in front of the Norilsk data center.

Not so long ago, the broadcast from this city was made by Bloomberg. In a video report, the co-founder of the company – Vitaliy Borschenko expressed his optimism towards the oldest cryptocurrency, which this year established ATH above $ 41,000 per coin.

BTC works like gold, and even better because it’s easier to trade with it.

– he explained in an interview. This is confirmed by the idea of the idea that from the very beginning assumed that the virtual currency would be usable. After all, BTC was the first pizza to be bought 🙂

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