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After very long gains in crude oil, investors finally saw a correction. The current decline is almost equal to the largest correction in an uptrend. In a characteristic style for a rebound from the formation, price reacted almost immediately. We could see in the first image that there was also a divergence on the stochastic oscillator with Over Balance. Unfortunately, the time in which the entire price action happened does not allow for the interpretation of the resulting trading volume on the stock. The time of the rebound was quite late and the market liquidity was low. Asia also does not make large volumes, so the volume analysis at the moment will not be reliable because the falling volume means a correction, but when the liquidity in the market decreases, it is a logical consequence that the volume is low. Only the first hours of the European session can give a picture of the market situation. The increasing volume along with the price increase may mean a rebound and further increases.

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