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Brent, WTI

Black gold, as some call crude oil, is clearly undergoing consolidation. The volume of trading on this stock attracted my attention. Falling turnover when moving in one direction indicates no willingness to buy or sell the asset. This can be easily observed on cryptocurrency exchanges (I recommend to inexperienced people who want to learn to read the volume to do it on cryptocurrencies).

In the image I have marked a declining volume which may indicate a price reaction in the near future. Due to the drop in price and the lack of turnover, we can conclude that there are no takers on this side of the transaction, i.e. Earlier such a situation, when the price fell by almost USD 6 in two hours, the volume was minimal. The next decline after the correction was already concentrated by a large group of volunteers, which indicated a possible increase in the price (and it happened). Now you should also wait for investors to move in order to get a picture of further traffic.

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