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The German index surprised me in all its glory. The assumptions of the upward correction exceeded my expectations because only the designated OverBalance from the daily interval showed the correct range of the correction. With such a market behavior, the rule: “I play what I see, not what I think ..” This avoids many market disappointments. Yesterday, with minimal volatility at the border points, it was best to stay outside the market, and basically only after the end of the London session we managed to get a few points on this instrument.

Today’s plan for the DAX30 is to play out of the flag formation. The exit from the top will give a signal for possible increases to about 340 points. The bottom exit will be played as the market allows. I don’t expect the same intensity as yesterday, but no other instrument is as surprising as the DAX. So who knows ? Until we break the local resistance, it is still possible to deepen the declines to the level indicated earlier.

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