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The German index in the last two days has swept away many small investors to the proverbial dust. There was no such strong trend for a long time, so those who tried to catch lows and highs (and there are plenty of them) lost their money invested. Now we are in an interesting situation as we can expect many short positions without confirmation once again. I warn against from the beginning when I throw in the analysis. As usual, we have two options. The first is the situation shown in the image with the range of the so-far increases. The formation of the box that I have marked may give us a signal for further increases. Strong growths. You can see that the end of the range coincides with the resistance to which the price will react (I’m 99% sure of this), but remember, it will react, it is not said that it will reverse so reducing profitable position and hedging quickly is advisable.

The second option is breaking the pattern down and starting a correction. I personally focus on the first scenario.

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