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Yesterday we saw how easy it is to make new peaks without the need for long collecting orders. Along the way, during the one-minute stop, so many short positions were created that breaking the hedging orders was even easier. Personally, I did not take advantage of this market, I could not break into it because it surprised me. It is based on corrections rather than a long pull without respite. Currently, we have the first signal for a possible downward correction after the opening of the EU market (if nothing changes for half an hour, I will be looking for such a position). The first point is the need to pierce through the support marked with a cross. Then with the numbers I marked two places where we have a possible reversal and I will wait there after the signal.

Today’s Pivot Points:

Daily S3 – 15570
Daily S2 – 15650
Daily S1 – 15730
PP – 15810
Daily R1 – 15900
Daily R2 – 15980
Daily R3 – 16070

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