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The ETH cryptocurrency, although it moves in line with the BTC, does give slightly different signals. Investors also make other crypto coin trading. When BTC hit a sizable sales volume, no one was too eager to sell their Ethereum. This is shown in the picture below, which shows the minimum sales volume, but a huge purchase volume compared to previous purchases, which proves that there is a lot of optimism among investors buying ETH

An additional argument from the analysis is the stachostatic oscillator which indicated divergences, thanks to which we could make a decision in combination with the volume. Marked with lines in the image, lower ETH price, higher Stoch’s indication.

In the opposite situation, when we consider taking part of the profit, it can be viewed in the context of the sales volume and an additional indicator showing the behavior of the exchange rate. It is possible that we will also see a downward divergence. You should always pay attention to more than one signal as it has less chance of making a mistake.

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