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The euro against the US dollar, just like other currency pairs, surprised investors yesterday. Everyone expected increases as if they had forgotten the speech of Powell, who is chairman of the US federal reserves. Until his appearance, the prices were clearly weakening the US dollar. Then there was a turning point that cut all gains and deepened the lows in a few cases (or broke highs where the dollar strengthened).

I present two images of the charts. The chart from H4 is the one where the support zone is marked and the line to which level I will be waiting for the condition to be met. The second chart is M1 and the condition that must be met for me to make a decision to go long at this level. Describing in words, breaking the hole, then breaking the last highs and entering a correction. The whole thing can be stretched over time because the EURUSD pair often does not do it on high volatility as it does with other currency pairs.

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