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Gas is an instrument that is extremely trendy. Inexperienced traders often make a bad assessment of this stock, which causes them to get into trouble with deposits, keeping a losing position, hoping to reverse the direction of an ongoing trend, or at least a correction so that they can close the position. For years, you can see how gas can move in one direction for a long time, or change direction unexpectedly in order to reduce all preceding traffic in a few days

The attached image shows the current downward movement and possible stop levels, but it is worth setting an additional channel here to have an end point for possible correction.

Gas is a technical instrument that is rather aimed at experienced investors who have a developed habit of waiting and observing the instrument for a long time before making a specific decision. There is a story of people who earned money on gas for years, and the decision that they thought was good turned out to be fatal. The decision that led to the account reset as these traders did not allow the idea that the trend could continue for so long and held the position in the opposite direction.

Trend is your friend ?

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