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Yesterday’s quite intense move allowed me to quietly earn a few pips. I have presented today’s plan with accuracy as to the entrance. I’m not going to show the exact behavior of the market, but if someone learns something from it, it will be very good news. The first picture shows the time interval H4 and the place where I am waiting to enter a long position. The second image is the M5 interval and shows the exact market behavior I am waiting for. Number 1 is the breaking of the last hole, number 2 is our signal and is the breakdown of local resistance, number 3 is our place to go long. If the price continues to decline, I will not enter, if the price will not make a downward correction, I will consider what to do next in this situation, but we interpret the behavior of the price on the chart in exactly the same way and we enter the correction in line with the trend.

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