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There’s been less going on in one of our favorite instruments lately. The range of movements has narrowed and the corrections are increasing, so often the price returns to the starting point. There are sessions where two signals are a lot, but waiting is exhausting, so we are not always able to catch when something appears.

Currently on the chart I can see a triangle that we will have a chance to break. The support around 14,850 has been maintained, so there is a chance that we will see price exit upwards from the triangle pattern. An additional factor is the expectations for good macro data for Germany. However, of course, we are waiting for the market reaction and we are not entering because it seems to us.

Daily R3 – 15700
Daily R2 – 15450
Daily R1 – 15290
Daily PP – 15050
Daily S1 – 14900
Daily S2 – 14660
Daily S3 – 14500

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