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One of the most important domains related to cryptocurrencies on the Polish market was sold for a million PLN to an investor who does not provide his data yet. Everything seems to indicate that someone is laying the foundations for a big business!

BitBay - Największa Polska giełda cyfrowych walut

Kryptowaluty.pl – domain sold for one million PLN

According to the information that the editors of tokeneo.com have reached, it appears that in the current month an investor bought the most popular domain related to cryptocurrencies (when it comes to the Polish market) for a round sum, exactly one million PLN! Interestingly, it was created in mid-2012. For a certain period, it was listed on the internet domain exchange – aftermarket.pl for PLN 70,000. Finally, on May 26 this year, it was sold for PLN 50,000.

According to the available information, Blockchain Software House from Krakow was selected for the implementation of a business project based on the kryptowaluty.pl domain, which has already completed several well-known projects in the crypto industry. On his website, you can download a report on the future of the entire industry related to blockchain technology.

PLN 500,000,000 worth of business that is created on the kryptowaluty.pl domain

At the address of the kryptowaluty.pl domain, there is data on the value of the industry related to cryptocurrencies along with the forecast for 2025. It has recently gained a lot of dynamics, including by increasing the value of leading cryptocurrencies. According to numerous studies, this is just the beginning of adoption, as less than 1% of the world’s population has dealt with virtual currencies at all. Mass trade and exchange are still ahead of us.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that when the transaction took place, Bitcoin showed its strength to everyone, dynamically recovering from the fall from the March crash. As a reminder, the price of this cryptocurrency fell to levels below USD 5,000 per coin, and at the end of May its price was close to USD 9-10,000. So we are not surprised that the industry saw great potential!

Since then, Bitcoin’s value has doubled to today, and its price is moving toward $ 20,000 per coin. In addition to the oldest cryptocurrency, the last month turned out to be particularly fruitful also for the leading altcoins. XRP, which brought its investors a 177% return on investment, and Stellar, whose value in the 30-day range increased by 160%, took the lead in terms of percentage increases at the turn of November.

Interest in the cryptocurrency market is growing

According to statistics, the word “cryptocurrencies” is entered into the Google search engine on average 60,000 times a month. Increases in Bitcoin and altcoins have attracted the attention of many investors.

As for the entire cryptocurrency market, since May this year, its capitalization has risen from USD 260 billion to USD 574 billion today.

The purchase of such a strong domain related to this industry may indicate great hopes placed in it. Further actions in this regard will be monitored by us.

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