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Hello. As you can see, analyzes appear irregularly recently. This is due to the work on the second project which is not related to the markets but still remains in the field of our current values. Some things don’t change and sometimes it’s worth doing more.

Unfortunately, Putin’s aggression continues, and the worst thing is that the Russians are so littered with propaganda that they do not believe the whole world. The whole world is wrong because Putin’s television says something different. It is unimaginable how easy it is to steer people, and how easily people believe what they hear. But since scammers are still operating on old numbers, why should it be any different in the case of propaganda?

And these Russian overtones with the letter “Z” on their shirts and in many situations only show what this nation is empty.

Ukraine, despite losses in people and the infrastructure of many cities, still remains strong, which is why some investors began to realize profits, seeing that Putin, however, is not as strong as he created himself. As a last resort, Russia can use the worst weapons, then each position should be in line with the movement at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. But will we still be able to sit still at the computer then?

Crude Oil

Do you see prices at gas stations? Recently, the president of the largest Polish station said that prices were rising so quickly because the contract under which the company operates is obligatory for them to update prices daily in accordance with the stock exchange prices. It just so happens that this conversation took place at a time when prices at petrol stations were rising very quickly. However, when the price goes down… When the price goes down, we can no longer see the current update when we go to refuel. The price on the stock market is already lower than during the interview with the president, but at the station it is still much more expensive than the one mentioned a week ago .. Why is this happening? Because millions in plus every day make such treatments profitable, and yet 95% of the community does not know what the prices are on world markets.

Let’s move on to the chart. We can see that the market is falling with quite a lot of intensity. Saying that “bulls go up the stairs and teddy bears jump out of the windows” makes sense because often downward corrections are stronger and faster. The marked one is our correction, there is nothing new here because everyone can see it, under the chart, the volume. It is worth noting that the volume is decreasing, so it is a correction signal. We are currently waiting for the trend line to break and a simultaneous increase in volume. Remember that there may still be a situation that I mention often and which repeats itself on the crude oil chart. A decline with a breakout of the level but without a volume followed by an increase with a large turnover. Or a drop with a large volume that will be concentrated and the price will be locked, meaning that everything will be bought by the other party to rebound the price. It is enough to go back to the analysis of oil, I have written about it many times.


As above, you can also see a strong correction which in this case gave the first downward signal. Will the signal be an impulse? I do not know that yet. However, the strong level that gold has reached, creating a double high, gives hope that the decline will be greater. Another attempt to raise to this level may cause further growth, strong growth. For now, I am waiting for an upward correction and further decline. Price range? Even $ 1,830.

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