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Welcome to the next May Financial Markets Review. We will start today’s ranking with gold.


The value during the Asian session slowly but visibly increases its value so that it is approaching the resistance once again, which is likely to be broken. Continued growth will not surprise me. I recommend looking for my entries from December and January, then I gave the ranges of what I expect from gold.


I have quite a bold plan for this currency pair. Brave because I should rather assume a price decline, but I expect an increase. The place marked with a cross will be for me the point where I will wait for a correction and probably try to go short, until then I am waiting for an opportunity to go long.


There is nothing to write about with this currency pair. I am expecting a rebound. A visible signal appeared on the chart which can be used and played long position. Most importantly, there was a breakout and a correction, which is exactly what we are waiting for in order not to catch every hole in which we think.

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