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We already know that America cannot stop sometimes, but what is happening in some stocks is not normal. During the epidemic, when companies are still subsidized with huge sums of money, indexes go up as if they existed in another world. And that’s just very unfair, because the dominant stocks of the world’s wealthy investors can be pumped to collapse someday. When this happens, people will jump through the windows again because they will lose all their property and fall into debt, and no one will answer for it. And in the world of a gray man, if you do not deduct all the tax that belongs to you, you will have problems for a few dollars …

So is the situation normal? No. Would I go short now? Not yet, because it needs a signal with more volatility. I recommend hedging short position quickly, because further growth is possible much more than a correction. Any signal for a long position is still worth the risk in order to trade.

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