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Gas, despite media reports that Russia is limiting gas supplies to Europe, will not become more expensive. It can be seen that the value is currently under consolidation, and with such a severe reduction in supplies, the price should automatically increase. However, it can be seen that the world market does not react to minor economic conflicts.

The situation, although puzzling, shows an interesting thing. Note the high turnover we have despite price consolidation. These are volumes that have not had a chance to exist in recent years. Despite relatively large movements, the volumes generated by investors were 10 times smaller, and now, during the consolidation, you can see the collection of orders by large players. Any increase in volume occurs during an increase in price, as if all orders were bought as soon as they appeared on the market. The first drop in price and the beginning of consolidation on December 13 had a greater turnover, and the rest, as I wrote earlier. If at the moment it will have an exit from consolidation on a larger volume, it is worth entering the positions already at the breakout, because there will be a lot of pressure on pulling the price.

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