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In the attached picture we can see that several countries have a holiday today. In such situations, I know from experience that market movements are either unnaturally large or very small. On days like today and on Monday, it remains outside the market and does not trade because it is worth remembering that we do not have to earn all pips in the world 😉 In addition, a little time off over the weekly program will be good for your head and your thinking. It is worth having such an approach in order not to fall into continuous trading (Over Trading).

Banking institutions are the main providers of liquidity. This means that currency exchange and trading in financial assets without banks (bank clients) would not function as it does today. Therefore, if there is a holiday in a country and the Banks are closed, then you will notice that the spread is increased or the price changes are very large or nothing is happening and the price changes are very small. In such situations, robots and algorithms and the rest of the world that trades at the time are often responsible for liquidity. Of course, with less capital, so you can see that the movements in the market are slightly different.

Today countries have holidays; Switzerland, Germany, England, Canada.

Holidays on Monday: Australia, China, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, England.

Countries that also have holidays and are not listed have a low impact on the market and are therefore not considered as key liquidity providers.

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