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Will you think why there is the name wti, xbr and crude oil at the top? The reason for this is that it mainly analyzes crude oil which is the main determinant of the price of differently described but almost the same raw materials.

What can you see on the chart now? On the one hand, the falling volume indicates that less and less capital is engaged in lowering the price, but there is one thing worth noting. It comes and takes a close look at when volumes are rising. Aside from the fact that most sessions of the year are during the US session. Every time the price breaks down in the pasted image, you can see that the volume is increasing, so there is still pressure to fall in price.

I would like to see an almost zero turnover, then a high volume price descent with a fast rebound, it will be a signal for a reversal. You can safely hold this position 10USD up to the nearest strong resistance.

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